Chapoleras: Empowered Women in the Coffee Industry

Hello, special coffee lovers! I’m Paloma Rivera, and today I want to talk to you about a topic that I’m passionate about: chapoleras, empowered women who play a fundamental role in the coffee industry in Colombia.  At Paloma Rivera, we are allies, brave women, and pioneers in promoting this important work in the production of […]

Complete Guide to Fermentation Methods in Coffee Cultivation

Hello coffee lovers! I’m Paloma Rivera, and today I bring you a complete guide on fermentation methods in coffee cultivation. In our quest to offer the most exotic and special coffees from Colombia, we have become allies of local producers and pioneers in the exploration of innovative fermentation techniques. Join me on this journey through […]

The impact of climate on coffee production: A perspective from Paloma Rivera

At Paloma Rivera, we stand as allies of nature and trailblazers in the pursuit of exotic and special Colombian coffees. In today’s blog, we delve into the impact of climate on coffee production, a critical aspect influencing the quality and flavor of this cherished beverage. What is the importance of climate in coffee cultivation? Climate […]

Differences between high, medium and low roasting.

I am Paloma Rivera and I am a coffee picker, I am pleased to be your guide in this unique journey through the nuances of coffee roasting, here we are allies in the journey of sensory exploration that the world of coffee offers us.  On this occasion, we will talk about an exciting topic: the […]

Discover your best coffee grind, with our Coffee Grind Chart

One of the most important steps in the coffee making process is the coffee grind. A good result in the preparation of your coffee will depend on the type of grinding of your preparation method. Here’s a coffee grinder chart showing the best coffee grinds to use for a French press, cold brew, pour over, […]

Your favorite roasting with Paloma Rivera Coffee, wich do you prefer?

The roasting of the coffee is the final step that will allow the development of the flavor profile with which you will identify yourself in your drink. As expected, there are different levels of roasting, and the same coffee bean can be roasted in various ways, such as varying the temperatures and duration of the […]