Your favorite roasting with Paloma Rivera Coffee, wich do you prefer?


The roasting of the coffee is the final step that will allow the development of the flavor profile with which you will identify yourself in your drink. As expected, there are different levels of roasting, and the same coffee bean can be roasted in various ways, such as varying the temperatures and duration of the process. As for the temperatures, these usually range between 170 ° C and 288 ° C; doing this allows for different flavors, acidity, and even aftertastes. Those who know well say that the best grain in the world can be completely ruined due to a bad roasting process.

Light roast: The aromas and flavors of the coffee bean are preserved in their natural state. It is recommended for very high quality coffee beans. One factor to take into consideration is that the defects may become more visible in this type of roasting.

Medium roast: It is the expression of the balance between aromas, acidity and sweetness by default in a good cup of coffee.

Dark roast: The appearance of more bitter and caramelized notes is favored, to the detriment of the more natural aromas and flavors of the coffee bean.

Roasted above dark: As strange as it may seem, this type of roast is sought when strong, smoky flavors and notes of chocolate are desired; as well as coffees with more body.

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