Chapoleras: Empowered Women in the Coffee Industry


Hello, special coffee lovers! I’m Paloma Rivera, and today I want to talk to you about a topic that I’m passionate about: chapoleras, empowered women who play a fundamental role in the coffee industry in Colombia. 

At Paloma Rivera, we are allies, brave women, and pioneers in promoting this important work in the production of exotic and special coffee in Colombia. 

Join me as we explore the incredible impact that we, the chapoleras, have on the Colombian coffee industry.

Chapoleras: Guardians of Coffee Tradition

Chapoleras are women who work on coffee farms, responsible for harvesting coffee beans during the harvest.

Our work is hard and demanding, but it is also an integral part of Colombian coffee culture. 

At Paloma Rivera, we recognize the value and dedication of women like me, who keep the coffee tradition alive and contribute to the exceptional quality of our special and exotic coffee.

Female Empowerment in the Production Chain

Over the years, chapoleras have gained recognition and respect for our work in the coffee industry. 

Many of us have taken on leadership roles in communities and have become true agents of change. 

At Paloma Rivera, we are proud to support female empowerment in the coffee production chain, providing opportunities for growth and development to women in the Coffee Axis and beyond.

The Voice of Chapoleras: Promoting Gender Equity

Chapoleras are not only tireless workers but also advocates for gender equity in the coffee industry. 

Through active participation in organizations and social movements, we have fought for our rights and for fair treatment at work. 

At Paloma Rivera, we join their cause and commit to promoting gender equality at all stages of the production chain for special and exotic coffee in Colombia.

In conclusion, chapoleras are a fundamental pillar of the coffee industry in Colombia, playing a vital role in the production of exotic and special coffee in the Coffee Axis. 

At Paloma Rivera, we pride ourselves on being allies to these brave women and pioneers in promoting their important work. 

Join us in celebrating and recognizing us, the chapoleras, and our invaluable contribution to Colombian coffee culture!

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