What is evaluated in a coffee cupping? Paloma Rivera explains it.


Hello, coffee lovers! I am Paloma Rivera, and today I want to share with you all about the fascinating experience of coffee tasting.

At Paloma Rivera, we are allies of Colombian coffee growers, and we are proud to be pioneers in promoting special and exotic coffees from Pereira.

Join me as we explore what is evaluated in a coffee tasting and why it is so important for us, lovers of good coffee.

Grain appearance

In a coffee tasting, one of the first things evaluated is the appearance of the grain. The size, shape, and color of the coffee beans are visually examined, looking for characteristics such as uniformity and consistency.

At Paloma Rivera, we are proud to offer exotic and special coffees from Pereira that stand out for their exceptional appearance and high-quality beans.

Aroma and fragrance

Another crucial aspect evaluated in a coffee tasting is the aroma and fragrance. An evaluation is made of both the roasted coffee beans and the freshly prepared coffee, seeking distinctive and complex aromas that suggest floral, fruity, spicy notes, and more.

At Paloma Rivera, we are passionate about discovering and sharing the unique aromas of our special and exotic coffees from Pereira, which transport our customers to an unparalleled sensory journey with each cup.

Flavor and body

Last but not least, in a coffee tasting, the flavor and body of the coffee are evaluated. A careful tasting is carried out, paying attention to characteristics such as acidity, sweetness, bitterness, body, and finish.

At Paloma Rivera, we are proud to offer a wide variety of special and exotic coffees from Pereira that delight the most demanding palates with their unique flavor and silky body.

I hope this brief introduction to coffee tasting has been useful and exciting for all of you, lovers of good coffee!

At Paloma Rivera, we are committed to offering the highest quality special and exotic coffees, cultivated with passion and dedication by Colombian coffee growers.

Thank you for being part of our coffee-loving community and for supporting local producers. Cheers and good coffee!

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