Differences between high, medium and low roasting.

Differences between high, medium, and low roasting-Paloma-Rivera

I am Paloma Rivera and I am a coffee picker, I am pleased to be your guide in this unique journey through the nuances of coffee roasting, here we are allies in the journey of sensory exploration that the world of coffee offers us. 

On this occasion, we will talk about an exciting topic: the differences between high, medium and low roast, get ready for a journey through the nuances and aromas that each type of roast offers.

Getting to know the toast levels

In our tour we find three main levels of roasting: high, medium and low, each of these levels provides a unique experience to the palate, and it is important to understand how each one affects the taste and aroma of the coffee.

High Roast

High roast, also known as strong or dark roast, involves a longer roasting time and a higher temperature. 

This process results in coffee beans of a dark and bright color, with an intense and often bitter flavor, notes of chocolate, cocoa and roasted nuts are prominent in high roast coffees. 

Medium Roast

Medium roast is an intermediate point between high and low roast, beans roasted at this level exhibit a balance between the intense flavor of high roast and the smoothness of low roast. Medium roast is our favorite and is the perfect roast for the specialty coffees and exotic coffees that we offer at Paloma Rivera.

With a medium brown color and a more balanced flavor, medium roast coffees are appreciated for their versatility.

At Paloma Rivera, we are proud to offer a range of medium roast coffees that satisfy both experienced palates and new coffee explorers, click here to learn more about our coffee.

Low Roast

The low roast, also known as light roast, implies a shorter roasting time and a lower temperature. The characteristic of this type of roasting is a particularly acidic flavor.

This process preserves the natural characteristics of the coffee bean, resulting in a beverage with a light body and more subtle flavors. 

Low roast coffees tend to exhibit floral, fruity and acidic notes, creating a delicate but memorable experience. 

At Paloma Rivera Exotic Coffee, we are forerunners in offering a variety of exotic and specialty coffees from Colombia, each roasted with precision to highlight its unique characteristics. 

From the boldness of the high roast to the delicacy of the low roast, each sip is an incomparable sensory experience.

We are committed to excellence in every detail, from bean selection to the roasting process and beyond. 

Are you ready to enter the world of coffee with us? We invite you to join our community of coffee lovers and discover the magic that only Paloma Rivera Exotic Coffee can offer!

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